Janelle Elliot

Team Member

Meet Janelle Elliot, the heart and soul of Oasis Spa Northwest. As the co-owner and passionate entrepreneur, Janelle's unwavering dedication to wellness and spa experiences drives the essence of the spa's offerings.

Drawing inspiration from her travels to numerous spas around the world, Janelle has curated an exclusive selection of amenities and experiences for Oasis Spa Northwest. Her deep understanding of the mind-body connection shines through in every aspect of the spa, creating an oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation.

With a genuine care for people and a heart for holistic wellness, Janelle ensures that guests are not only pampered but also nourished in body, soul, and mind. Her commitment to providing high-quality spa equipment, artisan products, and personalized experiences is evident in every visit to Oasis Spa Northwest.

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