Minors and Children

In order to maintain the best spa experience possible for our guests we ask that individuals age 13 to 17 be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. We look forward to welcoming younger ages to our spa when they turn 13!


Yes! We offer the ability to purchase a $75.00 "Day Pass" Gift Certificate online. This gift certificate can be brought into the spa at any time during our business hours to purchase a full Day Pass, giving you access to everything that Oasis Spa Northwest has to offer on a single day. We also have Gift Certificates in other amounts available for purchase through our website too.

If you would like to purchase one of our monthly Membership options, we kindly ask that you visit us in person or give us a call at 360-319-3248 to get your account set up.

Oasis Spa Northwest stands out as Lynden's only high-end luxury all-inclusive day spa, providing a wide variety of spa equipment and experiences that go beyond simple cosmetic beauty. We curate a Pacific Northwest-themed ambiance, combining nature's calming touch with top-notch amenities, all in one place for one price.

We offer a range of equipment, experiences, and amenities, including luxury full-body massage chairs, high-end infrared saunas with optional salt halotherapy, a steam room, a relaxation room with a dim atmosphere and both zero-gravity loungers and spacious circular loungers, a refreshment lounge with complimentary snacks and beverages, a prayer and reflection room, hand pampering area with scrubs and lotions, detoxifying foot soaks, luxury bath linens, artisan soaps, scrubs, and lotions, DIY multi-step facial process, and relaxing outdoor area.

Yes! We take pride in being an all-inclusive day spa, where guests can pay one price to enjoy access to all the different equipment and experiences we offer. Your visit includes unlimited access to our high-end massage chairs, infrared saunas, steam room, relaxation room, foot soaks, and more.

Our spa is thoughtfully designed around a Pacific Northwest theme, incorporating elements like forests, greens, live edge wood, and a serene outdoor area. We love highlighting the aesthetic beauty of the area we live in and feel that the PNW ambiance will ensure a calming and comforting experience throughout your visit.

Yes, we have a relaxation room with several rediculously comfortable loungers, dim atmosphere, complete with a state of the art electric fireplace, providing a serene space to unwind and relax.  

Absolutely! We have worked very hard to curate the best spa equipment and experiences for our guests. We have done our research to make sure that we can provide you with the best spa equipment that we can, so that you can focus on enjoying and relaxing! We are also committed to providing high-quality amenities, including artisan soaps, scrubs, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, to enhance your overall spa experience.

Here at the Oasis Spa Northwest, we care about people. We care for our STAFF by striving to provide them with a safe, calm, rewarding, and enjoyable work environment.

We care for our GUESTS by providing spa staff that genuinely have a heart for their “whole person” (body, soul, mind), and by providing luxury spa equipment, amenities, and experiences that promote health, relaxation, and refreshment.

We also care for those in our local and global COMMUNITY that aren’t as fortunate by dedicating a minimum of ten percent of Oasis Spa Northwest profits to organizations and ministries that provide practical help like food, water, rescue, and resources to individuals and families that need it.

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An amazingly wonderful place! The staff is friendly and informative, the whole place is kept so clean and inviting, and the amenities provided are top ...Read more

May 9, 2024

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