About Us

Lynden's All-Inclusive Day Spa

Oasis Spa Northwest is an All-Inclusive Day Spa, so one price gives you access to all of the luxurious equipment, experiences, and amenities that our Spa has to offer. There's no need to book and pay for individual services, just come, enjoy, and relax for as long as you would like.

We have worked hard to curate ...

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What Should I Expect?

We have worked hard to ensure that your visit to our spa is relaxing and comfortable. When you arrive, rest assured that we have ample parking available with our on-site parking and public parking options.

Once you enter the Spa and walk into our Reception Room, you'll immediately notice our Pacific Northwest ...

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Our Origin Story

Oasis Spa Northwest LLC is owned and was created by Scott and Janelle Elliot. Janelle is an entrepreneur at heart and loves creating new things and dreaming up amazing ideas. She can get excited about anything and everything, and enjoys sharing the things she loves with others. (In other words, she’s the fun ...

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Mission Statement

Here at the Oasis Spa Northwest, we care about people. We care for our STAFF by striving to provide them with a safe, calm, rewarding, and enjoyable work environment.

We care for our GUESTS by providing spa staff that genuinely have a heart for their “whole person” (body, soul, mind), and by providing luxury spa ...

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Guest Feedback
34 Reviews

I had a restful, relaxing time here with a day pass gift certificate I received. The self-paced concept is great so you can spend as much or little (or ...Read more

Jun 28, 2024
Alyssa Bailey