Our Origin Story

Oasis Spa Northwest LLC is owned and was created by Scott and Janelle Elliot. Janelle is an entrepreneur at heart and loves creating new things and dreaming up amazing ideas. She can get excited about anything and everything, and enjoys sharing the things she loves with others. (In other words, she’s the fun one!) Scott is logistically and practically minded and is good at thinking through the processes required to make plans and ideas work well. Throughout 2021 Janelle began to dream of opening a spa in her hometown of Lynden that could bring a lot of the self-service spa equipment and experiences that she had enjoyed in various spas around the world under one roof so that others could enjoy those things too. In the fall of 2021, Scott and Janelle felt that God was encouraging them to move forward with the creation of the spa and so they purchased a commercial space to make that dream possible in the Summer of 2022. Together, along with the help and input of friends and family, they proved to be an ideal team as they each leveraged their strengths to create Lynden’s first all-inclusive spa experience.

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